HDD An Introduction to Design Course


In this course you will learn about various design disciplines. From graphic design to architecture. It will challenge you to think outside of the box and give you an idea of which design discipline suite you best, as well as if design is a feasible career option for you.

This product is in English, for students from 14 years and up.

This product is only available in a digital download file.




For each lesson in this course you will watch an episode from the Netflix series, Abstract. Each episode features an artist in a specific design discipline. There is 8 lessons in this course. (Netflix has made the series available on Youtube.)

In each lesson there is:

  • Points to be pondered, discussed or reflected upon regarding design and the elements of it.
  • Some assignments like recording quotes, research and reflecting on the artist and episode. (Included in the course are some notebook worksheets to complete your assignments.)
  • Lastly, there is 2 projects to complete for each artist/episode. (Ranging from creating an illustration series to creating a stage design and other pieces that would be great as art/design portfolio pieces.)

Please allow at least 1-4 weeks for each lesson, as planning, executing and compiling presentations of the projects will take up some time.


Please note the following:

* This course is designed to accompany the Netflix series: “Abstract: the art of design”, Season 1.

** Please be aware that strong language is used in this series, parental discretion is advised.

*** We recommend this course for older students, 14-18 years or older.

**** Requirements for this course:

  • Internet and Youtube availability, or a Netflix subscription,
  • computer with basic presentation program, and printer,
  • phone with camera,
  • various art supplies including, but not limited to markers, cardboard, paper in various thicknesses, pencils, ruler, paint, stronghold glue, craft knife, scissors, sculpting clay, etc.