Introduction to design course

Few people know, but before I became a mom and homeschool educator, I used to be an interior designer. It is vastly different to an interior decorator and easily confused, for that reason it is sometimes now called interior architecture.

After completing high school, I studied at a small private college in Cape Town, called Design Time. I believe it is still going strong, with Yoland Mitton at the head.

My world to design was unlocked there, and I fell in love with concept development and the execution of an idea. Although I studied interior design, we were also challenged in other design areas like product design, stage design, photography and fabric design.

After the 2 year diploma course I started working at Klein Concepts in Johannesburg, doing upmarket retail interior design. Yes, the interior design field has many faces. There is corporate design that focusses on office buildings, retail design that focusses on shops, residential design that focus on houses, to name just a few.

For the art student interested in design as a career, it could mean being confused as to which discipline of design to pursue. That is why I created this Introduction to Design Course. It gives an overview of different design disciplines, each with 2 projects to complete. It is advised that each lesson be completed over a 2 week period, making the course a 16 week course. For some projects more time might be needed and depending on the student one lesson could take up to 4 weeks.

For the American Homeschool Diploma students you could get 1/2 credit or 1 credit depending on the amount of time you spend completing the course. (150 hours = 1 credit; 75 hours = 1/2 credit)

In this course you will learn about various design disciplines. From graphic design to architecture. It will challenge you to think outside of the box and give you an idea of which design discipline suite you best, as well as if design is a feasible career option for you.

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